Choosing Life

We all battle our own inner demons and addictions, making choices each and every day to try to overcome the struggles. Some days we are strong; some days we barely get by.
This blog features the poetry and journaling thoughts of Darren Graham, someone who has been through some amazing Life challenges — many of which would cause some people to give up, but have only made him more determined.

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27 thoughts on “Choosing Life”

    1. Nice to meet you, Darren. You will find a whole world of support out here in the “blogosphere.” I am so happy that you found my blog and look forward to reading yours. Like you, I reached out on the internet, looking for just one person to answer. And one person did.

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  1. Yes, it is good to share our experiences so that the present and the next generation can learn from it, and become stronger. It is a kind of our gift to many generations including those yet unborn. I wish you well through this blogging path in order to impact and leave a trail behind.

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  2. You can be proud of you, Deamonsnightmaresthefight. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Days will become better soon, Iยดm sure!


  3. What an eye opener of what the down on their luck or simply just can’t live without drink.
    Addiction is true, as real as it gets.
    Easy to love harder to forget.
    You’ve beat yourself over so many things, so how do you hide it? At the bottom of bottle.
    I can still see you now my cousin stood at my door. I was scared of what I seen. To me you were my cousin by name as that was all I saw.
    I told you, begged you to ask for help. My son didn’t know you from Adam and he took to you there and then, followed you about. I cried inside hoping you would listen. You jolted me once, you scared me twice the third time I really thought this was it.
    I’m so glad you opened your eyes even just a bit, to see that there is more to life than drink and empty bottles. I recall hearing you kels please don’t cry, if only it was that simple. I’m so glad you took that leap of faith and not knowing what was hitting you next.
    Your on the right road, let the demons rattle on. Reflect back on how far you’ve come. See wee all knew you could do it. Just took you to believe also. At the end of the day, it wasn’t going to make you any worse. A true inspiration and you make us proud xxx

    Keep her lit son lol


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