Two Choices.. i picked wrong one that day !!

Summer’s day 1998, my life perfect, July is here,
What life held for me that day will be so severe.
Bonfire the mara, girl to see, bands next day,
Life so great I wouldn’t change it in any way.

Coming soon a choice only I can make,
Stay home with girl or go with friends, fuksake.
Girl says don’t go, the lift is here, what do I do,
I’m going to Drumcree, back early, I’ll do the two.

Drunk and happy, riot awaits in Portadown,
Talking, joking, one of the lads acting a clown.
My life’s about to change forever, never same again,
All I’m thinking is fuk police and cause pain.

Rioting and crowds cheering’ I hear clearly,
My life’s bout to change forever so very nearly.
Shot in the head I fall to the ground,
Blood pouring, a crowd gathers round.

Hospital to get stitched, back Drumcree for more,
Little do I know I won’t be back out that door.
Suddenly can’t walk, talk, or feel; I wanna boke,
Something ain’t right with me, I’m having a stroke.

Years of trying to get better, epilepsy kicks in,
Thinkin’ nightmare’s over, it’s just starting to begin.
20 years of hell await, horrible stories to tell,
The choice of rioting tat day didn’t turn out well.

My nightmare’s over through hard work and want to live,
All who I love and care for I am now with.
I thank God everyday that I am given,
Cause no matter how bad things get, I choose living.



Published by

Darren Graham

Never mind me just read lol

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