Did i really put my self threw all that  !!!Thoughts from a coffee shop.

18644421_10210857506286635_1335263278_nYou know what people? I’ve been a rioter where I got shot, near died, turned to alcohol, drunk like a fish everyday for 20 years.
Near died from tat. 9 months ago had a stroke; near died.
I’ve had to learnt to walk and talk again and no one can say they have ever heard me complain.
I’ve always been one mad bastard, but you know what? I haven’t had one drink in 9 months and in that time, after me rehab bout 6 months, I’ve done more enjoyable things in tat time than the rest of my life all together.
I’ve been blessed with two beautiful sons, a family from Heaven and my life.
So, as I sit in a coffee shop looking’ through this window thinking’ bout Life and we only get one, all what I’m doing is so beautiful….



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These are my words from my recovery.Being a alcholic even know my memory isnt the best i remember somethings that will always be in my memory.i just pray that no one wud ever have to go threw the life of addiction .

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