My Beautiful Child


My first born in front of me; all grown up,
So handsome, so tall, no longer a pup.
So handsome and so full of life,
He has already had so much trouble and strife.

Thank God for his Granda and his Gran,
They brought him up and still do what they can.
Drink and drugs the way me and his mum went.
Forgetting this beautiful child we were sent.

He’s so proud of me now; I’m beating my demons,
I stopped for me and many things, but he was my main reason.
He now works and lives abroad in the sun,
Living his life which is happy and so full of fun.

He asked me today to write something for him,
I hope he understands this and it ain’t foreign.
Now my best friend, because in me now he trusts,
Writing this for you, from me is now a must.

To the day I die, son, we will have a ball.
I love you my beautiful child, Ryan McCall.

Jan. 22, 2017


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These are my words from my recovery.Being a alcholic even know my memory isnt the best i remember somethings that will always be in my memory.i just pray that no one wud ever have to go threw the life of addiction .

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