Weaker Ones Fall Around Me


Seeing another person (a recovering alcoholic and neighbor) relapse today has really made me think a lot of different things. I have confirmed 100 times over that I will never drink again.

I could not start all over again getting everything back. I am a couple of weeks of a year sober.

I am still struggling on finding that “thing” I wanna do with my life. I have so much to offer in my life through my experiences I have lived and learnt from.

I am starting a blog as I love writing and never know what to do with my articles. I still don’t even know what a blog is, lol, but met a friend, Michelle, online who will do all the computer shite for me and I can just concentrate on writing.

I will write daily things of all the crap that goes on in my head. I have no confidence to talk to crowds but don’t mind doing it like this. I have written poems and have given Michelle the go ahead to take stuff off my Facebook.

I am off for now, as the police are coming to get the man who has relapsed out of his apartment as he is refusing to leave.

I will write about how I came to get these apartments and what they are later…and how it went down when the cops came. l8tr. 🙂


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Darren Graham

Never mind me just read lol

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