Never Gonna Keep Me Down


The last few weeks, my hardest time for me, wondering what all this staying sober is about;  I am so bored but then I thought of a few things.

For a long time, I’ve had battles that are so hard to keep at and beat. It was like getting hit by Mike Tyson in the first round, and I’ve been on my knees but kept getting up and up again and in the end beating him on points.

From learning a simple thing for most, which is walking and talking, learning all this over again, I was down and near out but I got up and beat it and have walked again, and talked again (too much nowadays).

The evils of drink which for decades knocked me down  again and again and left me with cirrhosis of the liver, mental health problems, I still got up and up and continued fighting.

Through these times I have hurt the people that care and love me time and time again, but since I’ve stopped drinking relationships are getting better and happier.

So working things out, I have always had a hard battle to fight. And now that I have beat them, I am looking for another battle because I am bored. But I need a battle to fight that will not near kill me.

People always say they would love to have peace of mind, but now that I have it, it’s feking weird and I keep thinking something’s wrong, lol.  So writing all this stuff helps me, and I hope others can relate to it and maybe it will help them.

So share on, cause we all know someone with a real drinking problem. People can take a drink and leave it, but there’s an unlucky few like myself that can’t.

I’ll leave it at that for this post. I feel like I beat Mike Tyson at times because I did get beat up bad at times, but I am alive and have beat everything that life has thrown at me and am now standing fresh and healed.

Thank you God because someone was helping me.

May 14, 2017



Published by

Darren Graham

Never mind me just read lol

5 thoughts on “Never Gonna Keep Me Down”

  1. Darren u are a survivor
    U’ve been given a second chance& are doing great things now like writing this journal which will help other people . Keep up the good work. Everyone is so proud of you xo

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      1. I have been reading them all. I’m so happy for you and proud off you. I can never understand what it was like for you while you were drinking. And the struggles you have gone through. But the hardest battle you had to face, you’ve achieved it. And as you said in one of your blogs no one can help an Alcoholic, until they are ready to help themselves. You have taken the biggest step of your life. Stay strong and take one day at a time and keep writing. You are an inspiration to others and your words just might help one more person.
        😀 xx

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      2. Drinking was never my hardest battle not having you in my life was wat all my battles were about.i dnt think you ever got that iv been a lost soul all my life.i can never put it in words it was in anger or self destruction.imagine your life witout a mum who you knew for 8 yr 9mnth then she aint cant so what you cant imagine and i cud never put in words wit out hurtin sumone sumwere i was born fuked up lived fuked up and now just struggle on da fuck fuked up😂😂😂. Reading this comment its like you said you will never understand caz i dnt lol. #drinkwasnthardestbtl

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