The Look of Love in Your Child’s Eyes



Still can’t sleep thinking of how lucky I am to be alive and have a family like I do, and two sons who make me so happy and proud. Because no one on Earth can take away the feelings I have for them.

Also, the feelings I have got for my step daughter. No one can take away the memories I made with Kelsey. I knew you from a wee baby and brought you up till things went pear-shaped in my life through my own fault.

My oldest has had it hard in more ways than enough but has just got on with his life, and at only 20, doing stuff most of us wished we had of. Making memories with him at the moment and not being a dick are helping me continue on my road.

Other things will have to wait, which through my own fault, I have caused this waiting on getting to my own Heaven…..see you soon, Anthony Lee.

But I will wait, as through Ryan McCall, my oldest, I have seen and felt what a real high is…not drink, not coke, not any drug. It’s the look in your child’s eyes when he loves you.

I am a big sentimental sop nowadays, but I don’t really care what others think anymore.

So my wee lesson today is no drink or drug can ever get you as high as the look in your child’s eyes.



November 3, 2016


Published by

Darren Graham

Never mind me just read lol

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