The Mirror

635970638701785997743023722_man in the mirror


A glint, a sparkle; a hazel, mainly green, shine. They look at you.

Today, alive and dancing, wondering what will fill the black hole.

Today, what will you do?


Now one year sober,

Not yellow, bloodshot , or lifeless look anymore.

The pupil of the brain can’t wait to enter that open black hole of a door.


Yellow water with streaks of blood,

Dreams drowning is what they used to be.

Poisoned liquid; evil, vile thoughts,

The demons of Hell wandering free.


Wandering, crying, waiting to die,

Are all the visuals you see and focus on,

Just praying, hoping to get out of this Hell,

One more life jacket to put on.


I did find that jacket, after all,

And fought for life so once again I can see

All those beautiful things in life: Family, nature, lovely people,

Also, the person I want to be.


No longer drowning in the ocean that surrounds the window to my soul,

Just bathing in its glory,

Enjoying my life,

Enjoying getting old….



June 10, 2017



Published by

Darren Graham

Never mind me just read lol

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