No beauty to see


Like a big wave in the distance,

Violent, angry, threatening is what you see,

All that fear, panic, and of what approaches

and what’s to be.

Then, it happens.

I finally get it, thank God,

and I start again with no fear.

This was me when I woke each morning while drinking

til I got my first beer.

Like a raindrop exploding on the ground

and each drop landing where it can,

I went in every direction to find a place to be — alone, the only man.

Me, like that raindrop, fading into obscurity, slowly, surely,

then disappear,

That raindrop now gone forever, like I would be,

every day, I would fear.

Like a large tree on a winter’s day, with so many stories to tell,

Bare, cold, rough, no beauty to see,

Living by its roots deep in Hell.

Darkness approaches, so tired, so drunk,

Now, a restless sleep in a lonely bed,

Now, day over, and thinking of getting your next drink

is the only thought in your head.


June 28, 2017


Published by

Darren Graham

Never mind me just read lol

7 thoughts on “No beauty to see”

  1. I absolutely love your writing Darren. I have always been one to give to men or women down on their luck. Addiction is one mean Mother fu…r. There isn’t anyone who should judge anyone else until you have walked in their shoes. You really are an inspiration. Here’s wishing you peace of mind, happiness and health. Xx

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