Drinking Hell has an en suite called Jail



While I was drinking, you get in a lot of fights. One of my fights ended me in 14 months jail time. Having your freedom taking away makes you appreciate your freedom more. I was homeless, so I never had a bail address, which meant I was in jail until I got my case over, which in all took 14 months, so I was on a remand wing! all that time.

Also, on my landing, awaiting their court appearances, were 2 people that stuck out: 2 killers– one who raped and killed a school friend’s sister, and a guy who had stabbed and killed 2 guys over some feud during the troubles.

This is where drinking had got me and took away 14 months of my freedom. By the time the case came round, and the victim (who, by the way, had felt his niece up and I battered him — only regret is, I got caught), did not attend court and actually had to spend a night in jail himself for contempt of court. I got time served!

The other 2 guys, by the way, for their offenses, got 35 years each before considered for parole, and I hope the both of them rot in hell.

This would be me if I kept drinking. I would kill someone or be killed while living on the street. It’s a horrible life at times, and still I did not work out that drink was doing this to me. It was so obvious, but I used to say to myself that this was me. But now being sober, I know and can see the real me. I am a kind, big softie and when I was on the drink, was trying to be and act the big, tough guy (I am sitting here laughing at myself).

This is what drink had done to me. Learning about myself, I have been a wee angry person deep down for issues I am dealing with now, but I could see I had issues with drink in me but just buried them in the back of my mind with the help of the alcohol. I was good at hiding my real issues by making and causing other issues, and sooner or later, I had more issues than Dr. Phil hears all day.

Getting off the drink Β has helped me deal with stuff that needs to be dealt with, and the rest of the trivial fucking issues can just fuck off because they’re not even real issues. They were just alcohol helping you make up shit in your head so you could just forget about the real issues!

Stopping drinking and getting a clear mind and normal thinking is probably the most beautiful thing that’s happened to me so far.




July 16, 2017


Published by

Darren Graham

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15 thoughts on “Drinking Hell has an en suite called Jail”

      1. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that it was bad writing. My compliment was about its honesty. Flowery language and poncy words are far less appealing to me.

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      2. Haha. I love the bad language too. Have you seen my stuff? I think that writing gets better with time and by reading other people’s blogs. I get inspiration from lots of things.

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