If I Can Help at Least One Person….

My story, or Blog, is going to be honest and have stories full of mad shit I have gone through in my drinking lifetime. I hope it will help people who are on the road to recovery, as we call it, and get through the hard times on this road. I am (and never thought I would get here) at that stage where having one more mouthful isn’t an option. I will continue to write truthful and honest, brutal facts and stories and outcomes of what can or will happen if you continue to drink or have that thought, “I might just have one more.” Since stopping over a year ago, I want to just write a post of what you can achieve and the possibilities that are out there.

This post is what I have done inside a year of sobriety! First and main thing is, I am still alive through liver cirrhosis, torn stomach, mental health issues, deterioration of family life, the loss of all my friends — I am still here, alive and kicking and glad to be, too! Through physiotherapy I am now walking unaided and fit and healthy. Through 3 months of rehab I have learnt the ability to think clearly again, and now I am making my own decisions again —  it’s not alcohol making them for me. I have been abroad for the first time as an adult to see my oldest son (20) who now is proud to call me his dad. I am, in less than 4 weeks, going to see my youngest son (11) through the courts of law and hopefully my step daughter (14), who, as she is not my full daughter (though, to me she is),  I have no legal say in the matter.  But I know she will want to see me again as even while drunk, she was my only true friend. It’s been 7 years since I have seen my 2 angels, but the courts will give me access to my son. It’s just been a waiting game so far and my daughter will tell her mum she wants to see me, too.

So, inside a year: my health, my kids, a holiday abroad and living a sober life for the first time in decades, and everyday getting fitter. I also now have my immediate family all happy and at peace with me, not waiting on the phone to ring saying I was found dead and my true friends (not many…lol) and good new ones around me, and my own apartment, and a future with any possibilities isn’t bad for a year’s sobriety. And I am looking forward to many more!

I love writing about my life because even though it was a fucked up one, it has been interesting! ha-ha-ha.

When I first started to write, I just wished people would listen to me, see what I have gone through and hopefully, one person would say, “Fuck that! I am not gonna drink again if that can happen.” I would be happy and then going through all this would be worth it.

We are all humans. We might be different colors, religions, genders, but we are all human and have a spirit to be happy.


July 17, 2017   20187021_10211372779248137_764777924_o


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Darren Graham

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28 thoughts on “If I Can Help at Least One Person….”

  1. Amazing Darren. I hope that more people read what you have to say. I hope it helps more than one. Great to hear about your new found relationships with your kids. Made me smile, that did. X


  2. Darren I love reading about your escapades, they are so brutally honest, I am so pleased good things are starting to happen for you. Long may they continue. You absolutely should be so proud of yourself. Xx

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